Migos tour bus stopped, 3 arrests made

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | criminal defense

No matter who you are, there is potential to be arrested if you’re violating the law. Whether you’re famous or just another person walking down the street, getting caught doing drugs or being too intoxicated can lead to an arrest.

Take, for example, this case involving a rap trio known as Migos. Migos had recently performed at the Holmes Convocation Center at Appalachian State University before heading back on the road. The tour bus was stopped by police in Boone after they reported smelling marijuana coming from it at the school’s venue.

During the traffic stop on North Carolina Highway 105, the police reported finding 420 grams of marijuana, Xanax pills and 26 ounces of codeine. Interestingly, it wasn’t the rappers who ended up being arrested for the drugs. It was three other people, two from Georgia and one from Ohio, who are facing charges. One faces charges for intending to sell a controlled substance and for being in possession of marijuana. Another faces charges for possessing codeine and marijuana. A third faces charges for possessing Xanax.

This is a good example of how not everyone involved in a traffic stop is always arrested or charged for what is found in a vehicle. While you may assume that anyone in a vehicle would know about drugs or alcohol that isn’t supposed to be there, the police are typically only interested in arresting those who are using or abusing these substances. Others are just innocent bystanders who should not have to worry about being charged for a crime they did not commit.

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