What are the possible consequences of an out-of-state DWI/DUI?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | dwi/dui

You have a DWI/DUI conviction in another state. Maybe you got it before you moved to North Carolina. Perhaps you were on vacation or away at school. Whatever the situation, many people believe that a DWI/DUI outside of the state where they live doesn’t “count” on their record.

They may also believe that if they get a DWI/DUI in another state, their convictions in their own state won’t have any impact on the potential consequences. In most cases, those assumptions are wrong.

Most states agree that it isn’t particularly relevant where a person was convicted of a DWI/DUI. If they have multiple convictions (or even one) on their record, that is relevant to the consequences they could face for the current DWI/DUI.

Just about every state, including North Carolina, is a signatory to the Driver License Compact. This interstate agreement allows states to exchange information about people’s traffic violations. This includes everything from relatively minor moving violations like speeding to more serious ones like DWIs/DUIs.

If you’re charged with DWI/DUI in another state, authorities there can’t suspend your driver’s license. However, they can prohibit you from driving in that state. They can also put you in jail. In some cases, you might be allowed to serve your time back in your home state.

When you get back home, you may lose your driving privileges. If a previous DWI/DUI sentence was suspended, it could be reinstated. If you were convicted of a DWI/DUI in another state, that will be on your record here.

Whether you live in another state and are arrested for DWI/DUI in North Carolina or you live here and are arrested elsewhere, it’s essential to know what the potential consequences are and to understand your rights. An experienced North Carolina DWI/DUI attorney can help.