Former North Carolina congressman changes plea to ‘no contest’

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | dwi/dui

A former North Carolina congressman pleaded “no contest” in early December to a drunk driving charge. He was arrested last July in Ohio.

One-time Republican Rep. Andy Dulin was stopped approximately 60 miles outside of Cleveland on a turnpike. He reportedly refused to take a field sobriety test, although it’s not clear which test(s) he refused to take.

In a statement released shortly after his arrest, Dulin referred to “an obvious last-minute smear campaign by the Democrats and their liberal allies at the Charlotte Observer.” The arrest came as he was running for re-election in North Carolina’s 104th House District. He said at the time, “I pled not guilty for a reason and look forward to my day in court.”

Dulin lost his seat in last November’s election amid the “Blue Wave” that swept the country, including parts of North Carolina. Democrat Brandon Lofton now represents the district.

The former lawmaker was given probation and fined. His driver’s license is suspended until July of this year. He hasn’t made any comments to the media since his no contest plea.

Most DWI/DUI arrests don’t get this kind of news coverage because most people who are arrested aren’t in the public eye. However, a DUI can have serious consequences on a person’s life, their career and in some cases, their reputation.

That’s why it’s essential to take any arrest very seriously and don’t attempt to deal with the justice system on your own. It’s always wise to seek legal guidance to help you determine a viable criminal defense strategy as your best course of action.