A Taylorsville woman faces additional charges for DWI/DUI crash

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | dwi/dui

A 56-year-old Taylorsville woman was originally charged with DWI/DUI stemming from her role in causing an Alexander County school bus crash back in December. On March 14, she was taken into police custody on additional charges. She’s now also been charged with eight serious injury by a vehicle while engaged in the offense of impaired driving felony counts.

The school bus crash that resulted in these charges being filed against the woman occurred back on Dec. 17. Shortly before 7:44 a.m., she apparently drove her car to the left of the centerline as she was traveling southbound along Icard Ridge Road in Taylorsville, a town that lies around 20 miles to the northwest of Statesville. Soon after that, she collided with the school bus nearby that roadway’s intersection with Bulldog Lane.

The impact of the crash caused the school bus, with 19 children aboard it, to flip over on its side. At least 13 of the children and the school bus driver were transported to area hospitals for treatment. It appears that an additional vehicle may have been impacted by the crash as well.

Police reported that the defendant had been carrying a 10-year-old child in her vehicle at the time of the crash. It’s not immediately clear if they suffered any injuries in the incident or what the child’s relationship with the woman is.

The defendant was initially booked in jail on charges of misdemeanor child abuse stemming from her involvement in the crash in addition to driving left of center and DWI/DUI charges.

Individuals who’ve been charged with DWI/DUI often find themselves limited by having their driver’s license suspended following their arrest. Those with convictions struggle to retain their jobs and to acquire new ones. They also have difficulty in seeking or maintaining custody of their kids. An attorney can advise you of how a conviction may impact you and defend you against the charges that you face.