Drunk driving is dangerous for many reasons

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | dwi/dui

North Carolina and most other states in this country allow motorists to lawfully operate their vehicles on the road provided that their blood alcohol content doesn’t surpass 0.08%. Many motorists assume that this means that driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) is okay. It’s not. Consuming any amount of alcohol or drugs before you get behind the wheel of a car can seriously affect your ability to operate your vehicle.

Alcohol consumption can lead to decreased visual acuity. It may even cause your eyes to move involuntarily. These symptoms only become worse the more that you drink. This all can affect your ability to properly gauge the distance between you and a car in front of you, causing you to inadvertently crash into someone else.

Individuals who consume alcohol generally experience poor coordination. This results in them having slower response times to certain stimuli.

The reason that DWI/DUI motorists experience such delayed reactions is because they lack eye, foot and hand coordination. These are some of the most important motor skills that we all rely upon to drive. Impaired or intoxicated motorists don’t tend to respond as quickly to other drivers cutting them off, pedestrians or animals who enter the roadway or cars braking in front of them.

Such motorists also find themselves unable to use their sound judgment. This can result in poor decision making. These types of drivers often use the excuse that where they’re headed is a short distance away or that they different have that many drinks to justify why it’s safe for them to drive themselves home. They often neglect to realize how intoxicated they are or how their actions may adversely impact others.

Distractions tend to affect impaired or intoxicated motorists. These types of drivers are more apt to look at their phones, to text or to be drawn in by bright lights or their surroundings than the road. This is often why motorists run lights or crash into cars and other objects before they’re ultimately stopped by police or cause a horrific accident.

Police officers in Statesville and elsewhere around North Carolina are keen on stopping anyone suspected of such an offense. You should consult with a DWI/DUI attorney if you’ve been arrested. Your lawyer can advise you of how they might be able to help in defending you from DWI/DUI charges.