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What are field sobriety tests and are they accurate?

Field sobriety tests, you've seen them in movies. A police officer pulls over someone suspected of impaired driving, asks him or her to get out of the car and walk a straight line or say the alphabet backwards. How he or she does will determine if the officer will make an arrest. While movie examples fail to provide the most accurate view of field sobriety tests, such tests do exist and North Carolina residents suspected of driving while impaired may be asked to submit to them.

Addiction: Illness or crime?

There is no denying that drug addiction is a serious problem. Media reports refer to it as an epidemic, relating it to other health issues. However, society seems to deal with drug addiction as a crime, leaving many who suffer from the stranglehold of drugs to face criminal penalties. While it may be true that crime and drugs seem to follow one another, you may simply see that your loved one is struggling, and that is not a crime.

Mistakes during traffic stop could lead to drug charges

Have you ever wondered what you'd do if you were driving down a North Carolina highway and a police vehicle came up from behind with lights flashing in an obvious attempt to pull you over? Perhaps you don't have to wonder because it has happened to you in the past. Hopefully, you were already aware of what to do and not do in such situations. Traffic stops can be quite tricky to navigate. If you say or do the wrong thing, you may wind up getting a ticket.

What North Carolina drivers should know about license suspensions

Losing your ability to drive is a direct threat to your well-being. It can impact your ability to get to work, take your kids where they need to go and even take care of your basic needs, such as going to the grocery store. For North Carolina drivers, it may be beneficial to know grounds for license suspension and how to regain your right to drive.

Speaking up to invoke your right to remain silent

For whatever reason, there may come a time when you come into contact with law enforcement. After some initial questioning and investigation, an officer may place you under arrest. At the very least, movies and television taught you that the officer must read you your Miranda Rights.

The score you get on these tests may affect your life and freedom

There's no law in North Carolina saying you can't get together with your friends at your favorite restaurant for a few drinks. Once your evening winds down, however, you may face several decisions, one of which may be whether you will get behind the wheel of a car and drive yourself (and perhaps someone else) home. If you are age 21 or older, you likely already know there are very strict laws regarding drinking alcohol and driving.

What is constructive and actual possession?

You know that being in possession of drugs is illegal. You’ve seen the pat-down scenes on T.V. The cop usually pulls the substance from the person’s pocket. It’s always cut-and-dry on the screen. It seems simple enough. You have to have the substance on your persons to be charged with possession, right? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think.

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