Defense Attorney Fighting Back In White Collar Crime Cases

The decisions and actions of individuals and businesses are being scrutinized more than ever by the federal government. What once was viewed as negligence, mistakes or regulatory violations are now being met by search warrants, subpoenas and indictments. To make matters worse, many cases base guilt or innocence on intent, which can be vague and misconstrued.

Our qualified defense attorney help regular professionals and executives living in North Carolina who are facing serious white-collar crime charges. Our lawyer have the knowledge and expertise to protect your rights in court. We have an office in Iredell County.

Solid Defense In Cases Involving Fraud, Embezzlement And Computer Crimes

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, including embezzlement, misuse of credit cards or counterfeiting, it is important that you have an experienced defense lawyer who can thoroughly analyze the facts and who understands the law well enough to help a prosecutor and jury see your perspective.

We work on cases involving the obtainment of property by false pretenses, hacking into computers and extracting information, embezzlement and the collection of confidential information from a business. We gather facts, provide clients with an understanding of their legal options, provide recommendations based on the details of the case, and work to resolve the issue through a favorable plea bargain or take the case to trial where we will fight to protect your freedoms.

Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

In cases involving fraud, time is of the essence. There are opportunities to protect your rights immediately after an accusation has been made. These opportunities may be lost once the case is charged. Contact us online today, or call 704-872-7438 to schedule an appointment at our office in Statesville.

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