Fighting For Your Freedom In The Face Of Robbery And Burglary Charges

While there is a difference between the two, robberies and burglaries are still serious crimes. Conviction for these charges can upend your life, leading to imprisonment and a stain on your record that affects the future of your freedoms. An experienced attorney will fight to protect your future and your rights as, together, you work to build an effective defense.

At Ashley Cannon, Attorney at Law, we provide seasoned legal representation for those charged with robbery and burglary crimes. Our lawyer understand North Carolina law and what these charges can mean for your livelihood.

Serious Punishments Require A Serious Legal Team

The primary difference between robbery and burglary is that robbery involves a display of force, where burglary does not. Both charges are serious and the ensuing punishments for conviction have the potential to change your life:

  • A robbery with a dangerous weapon is a class D felony, potentially resulting in 51 to 64 months imprisonment.
  • Other types of robberies are generally class G felonies, which may result in 10-13 months imprisonment – depending on prior convictions and other circumstances.
  • First degree burglaries are a class D felony and may result in 64-80 months imprisonment
  • Second degree burglaries are a class G felony and are punishable by 8-31 months imprisonment

There are ways to defend against burglary and robbery charges. With our combined years of experience and vast knowledge in North Carolina criminal law, we know how to bring an effective strategy to your case.

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