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What constitutes child abuse in North Carolina?

Many different criminal offenses fall under the umbrella of child abuse. These include emotional, sexual or physical violence, exploitation and neglect. Most cases of child abuse are reported to authorities by mandated reporters. These are individuals such as teachers, doctors, therapists, pastors and others who have close interactions with kids.

Penalties are stiff for heroin-related crimes in North Carolina

Heroin has grown in popularity here in Statesville and other parts of the state and country in recent years. While many individuals have lobbied for the legalization of marijuana in recent years, it's unlikely that anyone will be advocating for the same thing to happen heroin any time soon as it's highly addictive. This is why individuals charged with the possession, sale or distribution of heroin face such stiff penalties if they're convicted of such a crime in this state.

Iredell County Sheriff's Office arrests 50 during a drug sting

The Iredell County Sheriff's Office arrested at least 50 individuals last month as part of Operation Autumn Harvest. There were 20 additional warrants that law enforcement officers were unable to serve as part of the operation.

A multi-county North Carolina police operation nets 636 arrests

Last week, the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) arrested 444 residents. The state agency notes that special agents teamed up with local police and sheriff's departments in eight districts to conduct this operation.

Child abuse charges aren't always as clear cut as they may seem

If you've been charged with child abuse, then you likely realize that you're facing some serious time in jail if you're convicted. You may be wondering what types of specific offenses can be considered child abuse. Abandonment, neglect, emotional or physical harm, sexual abuse and endangerment all fall under the umbrella of child abuse. Many cases are reported to police by mandated reporters.

A conviction for marijuana possession can affect your life

Lawmakers classify drugs based on a schedule system. Those that are the most dangerous or highly addictive controlled substances are assigned lower numbers. Those that can be used for valid medicinal purposes are given higher ones. In North Carolina, marijuana is considered to be a Schedule VI controlled substance.

When can police lawfully perform a search and seizure?

Many criminal charges in North Carolina stem from traffic stops. They often start with a motorist being stopped for a relatively minor traffic infraction. If an officer suspects that you may have drugs or weapons, as an example, in your vehicle, then they may ask you if they can conduct a search of it. How you respond to this question can greatly impact the course of your case if criminal charges are ultimately filed against you.

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