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When can police lawfully perform a search and seizure?

Many criminal charges in North Carolina stem from traffic stops. They often start with a motorist being stopped for a relatively minor traffic infraction. If an officer suspects that you may have drugs or weapons, as an example, in your vehicle, then they may ask you if they can conduct a search of it. How you respond to this question can greatly impact the course of your case if criminal charges are ultimately filed against you.

Imperfect memories: The problem with eyewitnesses

You probably feel like your memories of an event are very clear and accurate, but have you ever listened to two people try to tell the same story? They often contradict each other. Little details are remembered differently, such as who was where, what time something happened and who said what. The basic story might be the same, but they definitely remember different things -- even though they were both there.

NC State basketball player facing assault charge, suspension

A North Carolina State University basketball player is facing a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from an altercation with a former girlfriend in which she was struck in the face. The player, Eric Lockett, has also been indefinitely suspended from the team, where he's a reserve guard.

Could North Carolina marijuana laws vary by locality next year?

Laws regarding marijuana use for medicinal and recreational purposes vary significantly among states. North Carolina is certainly not at the forefront of marijuana legalization. Currently, medical marijuana is legal only for people diagnosed with epilepsy, and then with a number of restrictions.

Why shoplifting charges need to be taken seriously

A shoplifting arrest can ruin the holiday season. Unfortunately, it happens. Sometimes people, distracted by all they have to do, accidentally leave or begin to leave a store while in possession of merchandise they haven't paid for. Other times, the temptation to take a little something you really need or want is too much to resist.

Know the law around North Carolina polling places

When you go to the polls on Nov. 6 (or sooner, if you're voting early), there are a number of laws that govern your behavior and that of others. Of course, things that are illegal anywhere else are also illegal at polling places. A man was recently arrested at a polling location in Charlotte where early voters were casting their ballots. He allegedly harassed a campaign volunteer and threatened to assault him.

76 arrested in drug operation on North Carolina tribal land

Last month, federal officials announced that 76 people here in North Carolina were arrested in an undercover drug operation that involved multiple law enforcement agencies. The purpose of the sting was to apprehend people engaged in drug trafficking on and around tribal lands — specifically, those belonging to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians — and to work to break up the drug distribution networks in that area.

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