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If you are facing criminal charges or a family law problem in North Carolina, you are probably worried about what the consequences will be if you do not take action to protect your interests. For a criminal matter, penalties can include jail time, fines and loss of driving privileges. In a family law situation, you may lose out on access to your children, a fair division of assets, or fail to take the right measures to keep your family unit protected for the future.

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At the Ashley Cannon, Attorney at Law, we believe everyone deserves quality representation. Ashley Cannon is an experienced trial lawyer who offer a unique combination of talents and backgrounds. Our combined years of experience in both defense and prosecution allow us to understand both sides of a case, whether it is in the family courts or criminal justice system. We know what kind of arguments attorney or prosecutors can make, and we know how to fight for a fair outcome that meets your needs.

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At the Ashley Cannon, Attorney at Law, we provide individualized, personalized service to individuals throughout North Carolina for analyzing, building and arguing their case.

We understand that when someone is arrested for a crime or facing a family law issue, a lot is at stake. As part of our comprehensive criminal defense practice, we handle drug crimes, domestic violence, murder cases, assault and battery, as well as DWI/DUI and traffic violations with an eye toward protecting your future reputation as well as your freedom right now. In family law cases, we handle all aspects of divorce and other matters such as modifications and grandparents' rights. We also help people who need assistance with wills and estates as well as business disputes and civil litigation.

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We make ourselves available 24/7 and don't hang up the phone at 5 p.m., like some other law firms. If you have been arrested, you don't have to wait until the next day to receive sound legal advice. Contact us at 336-793-1013 or 888-862-5901 to speak with an attorney right away or to schedule a free consultation concerning a family law or another legal matter that we can help you with. We look forward to working with you.