Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

It is always sad when a relationship ends and children are involved. At Ashley Cannon, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I am sympathetic to this situation and even though I know how difficult it is when families separate, my goal is to keep relationships between parents and children intact, according to what is in the best interest of the children, by helping you reach a fair child custody and support agreement.

Whether you are married, have been cohabiting for a long time or need to amend a custody or support order that is already in place, it is important to figure out an arrangement going forward that will meet your children's needs as well as the needs of both parents.

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Handling Custody Matters With an Eye Toward the Needs of the Children and Family Relationships

I strongly believe in getting to know my clients very well so I can understand their situation and advise them of every possible option that may fit their situation. As your lawyer, I will take a very detailed approach when evaluating all the facts and circumstances of your situation in order to help you arrive at and pursue the best legal answer that fits your and your children's needs.

I can help you understand and pursue a custody agreement that involves:

  • Legal custody: This involves making important decisions regarding education, health care, religious upbringing and other child-rearing issues.
  • Physical custody: Will the children reside primarily with one parent and have visitation time with the other parent? Will the time be split evenly or will some other arrangement work for everyone?
  • Joint custody: This is when both parents have some share of custodial rights to the children. They may split child-rearing to be half the week with each parent, half the month with one and then with the other parent, or some other arrangement. Joint custody can also apply to parents who have an equal say in legal custody issues if their relationship is amicable.
  • Visitation: For the parent who does not have primary physical custody, visitation can be negotiated or ordered.
  • Sole custody: In some instances, one parent may have primary physical custody and the other parent may have visitation or even no access. This latter situation usually results because of issues involving domestic violence, drug abuse or another factor that puts the children in danger or has rendered the other parent to be deemed unfit by the courts.
  • Emergency custody: This is often ordered by the court when it is proven that one parent should be denied custody or visitation because he or she endangers the welfare of a child through abuse, neglect or another unsafe situation.
  • Grandparents' rights: In very limited circumstances, grandparents may pursue custody and visitation rights if they can show that the parents are unfit to care for the children.
  • Child support: There are state guidelines in North Carolina that I can show you how to use correctly to arrive at a statutory amount that the higher-income, noncustodial parent will have to pay to help raise the children.

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