Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Located in Statesville, North Carolina, Cannon & Thompson Attorneys at Law has two experienced lawyers for criminal defense for individuals facing serious charges. If you are facing criminal charges in North Carolina, you are probably worried about what the potential consequences you face may be. Criminal penalties can include jail time, fines and loss of driving privileges. Having a seasoned criminal defense team can make all the difference in your criminal case.

A Firm With Experience In Prosecution

One of the firm’s partners, Ashley Cannon, has nearly two decades of experience as a trial lawyer in both criminal defense and prosecution. This combination of works gives a unique perspective to your case.

At Cannon & Thompson, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, we believe everyone deserves quality representation. We know what kind of arguments attorneys or prosecutors can make, and how to fight for a fair outcome that meets your needs.

Aggressive Defense To The Serious Charges You Face

We strive to provide individualized, personalized service to individuals throughout North Carolina for analyzing, building and arguing their case. We understand that when someone is arrested for a crime, a lot is at stake. As part of our comprehensive criminal defense practice, we handle all types of charges including drug crimes, domestic violence, murder cases, assault and battery, as well as DWI/DUI. We focus on protecting your future reputation as well as your freedom.

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We make ourselves available 24/7 and don't hang up the phone at 5 p.m. like some other law firms. If you have been arrested, you don't have to wait until the next day to receive sound legal advice. Call us at 704-872-7438 to speak with us right away. We look forward to working with you.