North Carolina Attorney Fighting Domestic Violence Accusations

In some instances, an individual will accuse a partner or family member of domestic violence or child abuse as a means to get back at him or her. Domestic violence charges are very serious and can remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. If you are accused of domestic violence, you could have a restraining order placed against you without ever having a chance to be heard. That’s why it’s so important that you protect your rights by contacting a criminal defense lawyer right away.

Domestic Violence Allegations May Involve More Than Family Members

In North Carolina, domestic violence is defined as a threat or act of aggression toward a child or adult with whom you have a personal relationship. This could include a spouse, child, current or former girlfriend/boyfriend, or another member of the family. In most cases, the victim and the alleged aggressor live together.

Child Abuse Charges

An individual may face child abuse charges for alleged physical abuse or for placing the child in a dangerous situation, such as reckless driving with a child in the car or for leaving children unattended for a period of time. In addition to possible criminal charges, the North Carolina Child Protective Services (CPS) program may also become involved when there are allegations of child abuse.

Get Defense Help From A Former Prosecutor

We have gained a solid understanding of domestic violence laws after working for the Orange County district attorney. Attorney Cannon started a new domestic violence court in Orange County where she also worked as a prosecutor, giving her a firm understanding of both sides of the legal process. We have an office in Statesville, and represent people throughout Iredell County and surrounding areas.

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