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Is sharing prescription drugs still illegal?

You're not a drug dealer. You're not trying to make money buying and selling any types of drugs, from the illegal variety to prescription drugs. You've never even seen illegal drugs, much less used them or sold them.

You could still find yourself in trouble if you share prescription drugs. Money isn't all that matters. A sale doesn't have to take place for the transaction to be illegal.

You have to speak up to invoke your right to remain silent

For whatever reason, there may come a time when you come into contact with law enforcement. After some initial questioning and investigation, an officer may place you under arrest. At the very least, movies and television taught you that the officer must read you your Miranda Rights.

The problem is that even as the officer reads your rights to you, he or she more than likely will not take the time to explain to you what that really means. Simply staying quiet and not talking is not enough to invoke your right to remain silent.

Tattooed 'Do Not Resuscitate' doesn't count

People who do not want to go on life support often use a "Do Not Resuscitate" order as part of their end-of-life planning. If they pass away, it instructs doctors to just let them go, rather than fighting to bring them back.

People have many reasons for using these orders. Some just believe it's their time. Others are worried about lasting physical or mental issues after a near-death experience and don't want to be brought back just to live like that.

Operation Safe Streets targets drunk drivers before they drive

Police in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, have been running Operation Safe Streets as a way to combat drunk driving. Ideally, though, it won't even lead to any arrests.

Instead, police look to preempt drunk driving. They go to places where people who are intoxicated may be thinking about driving, like the parking lot at a bar. When they see someone who looks drunk, they come up and talk to him or her before that person enters a vehicle.

Can police check the contents of your water bottle?

People have often tried to hide drugs and alcohol in water bottles. Even if they'r legal items, they may not be permitted in certain places. For instance, a 21-year-old college student could try to sneak a drink into a football game on a dry campus.

So, if you're stopped by the police, are they allowed to inspect your water bottle?

What is entrapment?

People often get confused about entrapment. One of the most common misconceptions is that the police can't wait around for you to commit a crime.

In reality, entrapment is more than just waiting to see if you break the law. The police have to be involved. If they get you to do it, just so they can arrest you, it's a fraudulent arrest and a violation of your rights.

Marijuana laws in North Carolina are nothing to take lightly

You've been accused of marijuana possession. No big deal, right? Wrong. The state of North Carolina does not take possession of this or any other drug lightly.

If you are facing marijuana-related drug charges, the penalties if convicted can actually be quite severe. North Carolina, like other states, has decriminalized simple possession; however, possession with intent to distribute is still a felony level offense.

Do you have a right to privacy in your car?

In the United States, the Fourth Amendment protects you from illegal searches. Typically, if you expected privacy, it means the police have to get a warrant or your permission to carry out a search.

For example, they generally cannot come into your home. You expect actions taken in your house or apartment to stay private, and the police can't violate that without reason.

Does a values agreement protect my business partnership?

Wherever you are in the life of a business partnership, understanding how each partner looks at a number of issues may affect your success immensely. Even if you're working with an idea that should be easy to make successful, conflicts within leadership can hamper a great idea from ever reaching its full potential. One of the most effective tools you can use to identify the priorities and perspectives within your partnership is a values agreement.

A values agreement is not necessarily a legal document, but the way you draft it and implement it may greatly impact a number of your future legal concerns. To create a values agreement, you and your partners should discuss what you expect out of each other and how to hold each other accountable. Values agreements identify ethical obligations and liberties between partners, and help you to recognize significant differences of perspective so that they are useful rather than destructive. You should also make it a priority to discuss each partner's positions on business strategies. Aligning your understandings of each other helps you avoid many conflicts before they have an opportunity to arise.

4 reasons to use a trust instead of an inheritance

You can leave an inheritance to someone directly if you'd like. This may be as simple as having your estate executor cut them a check after you pass away.

However, you may want to consider the upsides to using a trust, instead. You can set the trust up before you pass away, and then money is paid out from the trust as dictated by the rules you establish in advance. This gives you more control.

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