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The Iredell County Sheriff's Office arrests 15 during a drug bust

Officers with the Iredell County Sheriff's Office launched "Operation Spring Sweep 2019" on April 8. By the end of the day, they'd arrested 15 suspects that were wanted on drug charges in the area.

A spokesperson with the sheriff's office notes that they had originally set out to locate 38 suspects when their operation got underway that Monday morning. They only were able to track down the 15 that they arrested though.

Imperfect memories: The problem with eyewitnesses

You probably feel like your memories of an event are very clear and accurate, but have you ever listened to two people try to tell the same story? They often contradict each other. Little details are remembered differently, such as who was where, what time something happened and who said what. The basic story might be the same, but they definitely remember different things -- even though they were both there.

This happens with eyewitness testimony, as well. For as much weight as it often carries in criminal trials, eyewitnesses also have imperfect recollections. They make mistakes. They remember things differently.

Will my heirs be motivated by an incentive trust?

One estate planning tool you may want to consider is an incentive trust. While some believe they are a form of bribery as the heirs literally receive funds from toeing the line and/or hitting designated life milestones, others benefit a great deal from the carrot-and-stick approach.

While not all heirs will need this type of structure and oversight, you know your heirs and likely have a good idea of which ones may do better with this type of trust in place.

Statesville construction companies face many types of lawsuits

Construction companies often have contracts with various entities including homeowners, suppliers, engineers, subcontractors and architects. Strict liability or negligence, breach of warranty or contract and suits alleging fraud are just some of the many types of lawsuits filed against contractors.

In virtually every jurisdiction, there's an implication that a house is habitable once it's turned over by the general contractor to the homeowner. A construction company may be subject to the theory of strict liability if a home that their workers helped build is found to have defects or has damages.

The effects of alcohol on your body at .08 concentration

If you meet up with some friends at a local restaurant or club and happen to have a couple alcoholic beverages during your social time, you are not necessarily breaking the law if you then operate a motor vehicle. As a licensed driver in North Carolina, you are obligated to adhere to all laws related to drinking and driving. It is also your civic duty to make responsible choices.

The more you know about alcohol's potential effects on your body, the better able you are to make informed decisions. The fact is that every drunk driving arrest is not warranted. Many sober people have faced drunk driving charges in criminal court. This is why it's also important to know where to seek legal support if you need it. In this state and all others, if your blood alcohol content level registers .08 or higher, you are legally prohibited from driving a motor vehicle.

A Taylorsville woman faces additional charges for DWI/DUI crash

A 56-year-old Taylorsville woman was originally charged with DWI/DUI stemming from her role in causing an Alexander County school bus crash back in December. On March 14, she was taken into police custody on additional charges. She's now also been charged with eight serious injury by a vehicle while engaged in the offense of impaired driving felony counts.

The school bus crash that resulted in these charges being filed against the woman occurred back on Dec. 17. Shortly before 7:44 a.m., she apparently drove her car to the left of the centerline as she was traveling southbound along Icard Ridge Road in Taylorsville, a town that lies around 20 miles to the northwest of Statesville. Soon after that, she collided with the school bus nearby that roadway's intersection with Bulldog Lane.

A 4-year-old Statesville murder case is solved

Statesville Police Department took a man into custody on March 8 that they believe is responsible for an unsolved murder that occurred in the central North Carolina city more than four years ago.

On Aug 30, 2015, shortly after 5:00 am., police officers were dispatched to a Wilmington Avenue home. When they arrived, they found an adult male who'd been shot in the chest there in the front doorway. Paramedics quickly transported him to Iredell Memorial Hospital where he soon passed away.

Drunk driving convictions can have a long-term impact

Driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI) is sadly one of the most common crimes in the United States. While an arrest can result in your incarceration and in temporary inconveniences as you look to get around, a conviction for a DWI/DUI can have far-reaching effects on your life that may last a lifetime.

One of the more short-term impacts that an arrest may have on your life is that it will result in your North Carolina driver's license being suspended or revoked. This can last from as little as six months up to a few years or a lifetime depending on whether you have any previous DWI/DUI convictions and the nature of your current charges. Your ability to run errands or to get to work or school in Statesville may be affected by your inability to drive.

The steps that you take before you retire can affect your future

The older most of us get, the more most of us start thinking about our retirement. While it's important for us all to make plans along the way to get our finances in order for when we retire, those last 10 years before we do are the most critical. Steps that you take during that last decade before you retire can have significant implications on the type of life that you're able to live once you end your career.

One of the biggest mistakes that prospective North Carolina retirees make is that they fail to plan for what they plan to do once they retire including calculating their income and expenses.

NC State basketball player facing assault charge, suspension

A North Carolina State University basketball player is facing a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from an altercation with a former girlfriend in which she was struck in the face. The player, Eric Lockett, has also been indefinitely suspended from the team, where he's a reserve guard.

The incident occurred on Feb. 12 in Lockett's apartment in Raleigh. Afterward, he reportedly left for practice with the team. The former girlfriend called an Uber. The Uber driver was the one who called the police.

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