Through my experience with the Ashley Cannon, Attorney at Law I have felt well taken care of between the two of them. Ashley Cannon (in my humble opinion) is without a doubt the most professional, courteous, and detailed, lawyer, that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

The two of them as well as with the help of their rockstar team which includes Roxanne Therrien took the extra care in detail that I feel like most law firm team’s would have over looked. Sleepless nights and grueling days is what they put themselves through to ensure that my innocence was on full display without any doubt.

Ashley Cannon is the true definition of a powerhouse lawyer who combines her gift of talk with her long storied career of successfully won cases and adds in the expert knowledge of the law. In my opinion there is no better lawyer in the state of NC and dare I say the rest of the East Coast.

Thank you to the Cannon Law Firm for not only giving me my life back and believing in my innocence when it seemed no one else did. They provided my wife with her husband and my daughter with her father and for this I will be forever indebted to them.

Whoever said that there’s no such thing as a good lawyer has not had the privilege of meeting Ashley Cannon, and the rest of the law team working with them.

-Brandon Edwards

I open this up to tell others of an amazing woman that I can call a friend her name is Ashley Cannon. You see I was being accused of a crime that never took place it had to deal with now my ex-wife .She accused me of assaulting and kidnapping her, she was having an affair and when I realize what was happening I wanted out so I left , out of the house for more than three and half months i got arrested locked up not knowing why, or for what reason i was in jail. You see I had two public defenders not in my best interest..lets just leave it at that anyone that’s been arrested will understand. I was looking at 440 or more months for a crime that I never done. That is when I wrote to Ashley, hopefully she would see me and take my case each night I would pray and wait..i can’t write nor explain how happy I was that she came to see me and go over my case ..i knew she cared and I felt for the first time that there was light were all I could see was darkness each day and night’s were hell. Ashley, gave me hope and worked hard on my case to prove I didn’t commit this crime. I was going all the way..you see looking at 440 months my life was over as far as I saw it.. So I thank God, each day for bringing an angel to me to prove this was all a lie .I am so very proud to call her a friend..she, Ashley will always be a special person in my life an amazing lawyer that truly gives her time energy to do the very best for her clients.


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