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When can police lawfully perform a search and seizure?

Many criminal charges in North Carolina stem from traffic stops. They often start with a motorist being stopped for a relatively minor traffic infraction. If an officer suspects that you may have drugs or weapons, as an example, in your vehicle, then they may ask you if they can conduct a search of it. How you respond to this question can greatly impact the course of your case if criminal charges are ultimately filed against you.

What are some signs that a drunk driver may be operating a car?

When most people in Statesville hear the phrase "impaired driving," most probably first think of a drunk person operating a vehicle. It's not a new phenomenon. It's been a problem for decades. When coupled with drugs, fatigue and cellphone use, the roads that we all travel along become even more dangerous. Although laws exist prohibiting motorists from driving while impaired, many take to the road hoping that they won't get caught.

Business partnership conflicts can be minimized

There are many benefits to running your business with a partner. It allows you to share the startup costs and workload with someone else. It can also be a way for two individuals with different skill sets to come together. While this can help them succeed, it may also cause them to fail.

Can you really afford a DWI conviction?

Whether you were celebrating with friends, having a quiet dinner with a loved one or meeting a coworker for drinks after work, a DWI arrest on the way home may have brought an unexpected end to the day. However, it is only the beginning of your troubles.

Why should you plan your estate while expecting your first child?

When North Carolina parents find out that they're expecting a child for the first time, they often research what pregnancy is like, think about setting up a baby registry or pick out potential names for the child. It's unlikely that planning for their estate is at the top of their list of priorities. It should be though.

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