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January 2019 Archives

Advice for staying sober on Super Bowl Sunday

While Super Bowl Sunday isn't an official American holiday, it might as well be for millions of football fans and those who just enjoy having a reason to party on a winter Sunday. It's also one of the heaviest drinking days of the year. Most Super Bowl parties, whether they're in a home or a bar, involve copious amounts of alcohol. Law enforcement officers are out in force looking for drunk drivers.

Do you have to answer an officer's questions when pulled over?

The Raleigh Police Department has posted a video online showing a simulated traffic stop in order to provide guidance to motorists about what to do if they're pulled over by an officer. In the video, motorists are told that they should answer any question the officer asks.

Do you know the limits of what police can do?

You have certain rights no matter what type of criminal allegations you are up against or charges you are facing. It is in the interests of any North Carolina reader to know what these are and what to do when experiencing a violation of these rights. One way to do this is to become familiar with the limits of what law enforcement can do.

Student housing rights may not be absolute

Many Americans spend their first years out of the house in a college dormitory or off-campus housing. North Carolina's fine higher education options attract many students to apartments owned by other people or institutions, and they should know the expectations of their tenancy in these homes.

Vaping alcohol won't prevent you from getting a DWI/DUI

Vaping has become a popular way to consume all sorts of substances, both legal and illegal. Some people enjoy vaping alcohol. They get the "buzz" more quickly than when they drink it. They also avoid the taste. If you like the way whiskey makes you feel, but don't enjoy the flavor, vaping it may seem like a good option.

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