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December 2019 Archives

North Carolina ranks fourth for DWI/DUI arrests

U.S. Drug Test Centers published a report earlier this month in which they ranked each state in order based on the number of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) arrests that occur in the state per 100,000 residents. The data reveals that North Carolina ranked fourth among all states for DWI/DUI arrests. There were 518.8 individuals per 100,000 inhabitants who were taken into police custody of suspicion of this crime here in Tarheel state last year alone.

You have options when it comes to debt collection

Businesses who have tried to collect on debts from their customers have two primary options to pursue when all their in-house collection options have failed. Company owners can either hire a bill collector or an attorney to chase after their customers for them. There are benefits associated with both types of debt collection efforts.

Defending yourself against assault and battery charges

Assault charges may follow an incident in which one person allegedly causes harm to another. Any charges that involve an act of violence against another person can result in serious penalties. If you are dealing with accusations of assault or battery, it is in your interests to take your situation seriously and move forward with developing a strong defense strategy as soon as possible. 

What constitutes child abuse in North Carolina?

Many different criminal offenses fall under the umbrella of child abuse. These include emotional, sexual or physical violence, exploitation and neglect. Most cases of child abuse are reported to authorities by mandated reporters. These are individuals such as teachers, doctors, therapists, pastors and others who have close interactions with kids.

What should nontraditional families know about estate planning?

Currently, only 65% of families in North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States are considered traditional ones. These are described as ones with a single mom and dad and kids. All other families are blended, childless, inter-religious, inter-racial, those led by homosexual parents and others. This matters because traditional approaches to estate planning are no longer appropriate for most families here in Statesville or anywhere else in this country.

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