Wake Forest coach arrested for fatal altercation

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | criminal defense

A Wake Forest University basketball coach is facing criminal charges and has been suspended from his job after a tragic incident that left a man dead.

Coach Jamill Jones was in New York City earlier this month. He was in his SUV outside of a hotel in Queens when he encountered a 35-year-old man from Florida who was in the Big Apple to attend a family wedding.

Authorities say that the Florida man, who had just left the festivities, had called an Uber. They believe that the man, who may have been intoxicated, was knocking on other vehicles, apparently looking for his ride, when he came upon Jones’ SUV and did the same.

Jones, who is Wake Forest’s assistant men’s basketball coach, allegedly got out of his vehicle and punched the man. He fell, struck his head on the ground and later died. According to the medical examiner’s office, the man suffered a fatal brain injury. The death was ruled a homicide.

Jones was charged with third-degree assault, but prosecutors say that the charge will likely be upgraded. Authorities are still investigating the case.

In the meantime, Wake Forest suspended Jones. According to the university, Jones “agreed that the decision is appropriate at this time given the circumstances.” His family released a statement expressing their condolences to the victim’s family. They also said, “It is our sincere hope that this matter not be tried in the court of public opinion. The Jones family stands by Jamill, and his legal right to be presumed innocent in what is, ultimately, a tragic incident.”

Charges involving actions that cause a person’s death, regardless of the circumstances, are among the most serious that a person can face. North Carolina attorney can work to build an effective defense and achieve a fair outcome for those accused of violent crimes.