A 4-year-old Statesville murder case is solved

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2019 | criminal defense

Statesville Police Department took a man into custody on March 8 that they believe is responsible for an unsolved murder that occurred in the central North Carolina city more than four years ago.

On Aug 30, 2015, shortly after 5:00 am., police officers were dispatched to a Wilmington Avenue home. When they arrived, they found an adult male who’d been shot in the chest there in the front doorway. Paramedics quickly transported him to Iredell Memorial Hospital where he soon passed away.

The decedent’s brother was also found there at the home. Police discovered that he’d suffered gunshot wounds to both of his legs. He was transported to an area hospital as well. He survived.

Although there were reportedly multiple witnesses at the home located along Wilmington Avenue when the reported shooting occurred, detectives were unsuccessful in solving the case.

It wasn’t until January when the case was reassigned to a new detective that a break in the cold case occurred. As the lead investigator went about talking with potential witnesses that month, multiple individuals implicated the newly arrested defendant as the likely assailant.

He currently remains in jail where he faces possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, assault with a deadly weapon with an intent to kill and inflicting serious injury charges. It’s unclear when the next hearing in the matter is scheduled for.

In murder cases, jurors are instructed that prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt before they can find a defendant guilty of a crime. If you’re convicted of murder, then there’s a strong likelihood that you may be deprived of your freedom for the rest of your life. Since the stakes are high, you’ll want prosecuted hundreds of similar cases in Iredell County on your side fighting for you.