Building A Defense Against Alleged Sex Offenses

Allegations of a sex offense carry serious potential consequences. The stigma of being accused of a sex crime alone can be difficult to overcome. Law enforcement may rush to judgment in these types of cases and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. That is why it is important to get a skilled lawyer in your corner.

I am attorney Ashley Cannon. As a former assistant district attorney turned criminal defense lawyer, I have tried hundreds of cases in North Carolina. From my Iredell County office, I am prepared to put my experience to work for you when it comes to building a solid defense against criminal charges.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

My job is to serve as your advocate and to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. I am not here to pass judgment on you. As a former prosecutor, I understand how the other side views these cases and I will use this insight to help challenge the evidence against you.

Whether you have been accused of sexual assault, solicitation of minor, possession of child pornography or are facing another type of sex offense, I will thoroughly review your case and explain your options for moving forward. With significant potential penalties, including the possibility of having to register as a sex offender, you need a lawyer who has trial experience and who understands how to present a tenacious defense.

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

The prosecution is required to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. I will do everything I can to support your innocence or to cast doubt on the evidence presented against you. To protect your future, contact me online or call 336-793-1013 (888-862-5901 toll free) to speak with me about your options. I have an office in Statesville and represent clients throughout the area.