Mayor faces DWI after crashing into Town Hall

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | dwi/dui

There is never a good time to get a DWI, but it’s particularly damaging when you’re a newly elected official. When electing new officials, usually, any old news about them is dug up to discuss all the negatives of their personalities or backgrounds. Sometimes, that’s not enough to prevent an elected official from making a mistake, though, like in this case of a man who fought for his place as the mayor of Sharpsburg, N.C.

The man lost the original election in 2017 by three votes, prompting a new vote. After that vote, he ended up being elected. The vote was rescheduled in part due to voters being turned away in a precinct where the majority were black; the reasoning? There weren’t enough ballots.

Shortly after the new mayor’s win, his victory was the last thing anyone was thinking of. He nearly crashed his vehicle into Town Hall, ending up with a charge for drinking and driving. He was also charged for resisting an officer and carrying a concealed weapon. The police reported his blood alcohol content as .13 percent, well above the .08 percent limit in North Carolina.

The mayor has been the mayor in the past, and he was praised for fighting against the disenfranchisement that led to his previous loss. It’s not clear if the DWI will impact the vote, which was not official as of May 9.

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